What is Read and Riot?

We currently meet in the Greater Boston area, and are always open to new members.  Email Kelly or Devin to join!

The purpose of this book club is to read, think about, and discuss social issues that are interesting to us, as a way to learn more about them, develop our own thoughts and opinions, and hear the perspectives of others. We all make suggestions for titles, and then we decide as a group what to read next. Whoever’s book is chosen for that month will guide the discussion, but the discussions generally go where they want to. Participants are welcome to read all of the book, some of it, or none of it, and still participate in the discussion. Participate in a way that makes sense for you.

We make an effort to suggest books that are easily accessible through public library systems and/or share bought copies to make the costs of participation minimal. Before suggesting a book, check its availablity in the Boston Public Libary, the Minuteman Public Libary, or the library system closest to you to get a sense of how readily available it is. We generally take about a month or so to read each book and find a time that works with everyone’s schedules to meet up and discuss. If a book is longer or the material is more dense, we will give ourselves more time.

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